Penguin parade

When we sat to watch the Penguin Parade!!!!The vast blue sky that Invaid.The waves that rolls towards the shore unafraid!!!Our colour of thoughts go beyond with  different shade.That moment we both had tears on our eye shade.Our bundle of love, who gave this day made❤Will stay in memory decades to decades We sat so so […]

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Graduation celebration!!!!!

You both have come into my life😊A gift of God, on my lap😍When you cry. I cried😩When you smiled, I smiled😊When you laugh, I laughed😀When you shouted, I shouted 😩When you are happy, I enjoyed🤩When you enjoyed, I admired❤When you were admired, I was at bliss. 💃🏽❤🤩 A phase of life you both to face💪A […]

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A big FIVE and ZERO…. Feeling like a Hero! Three knots with my Numero Uno Showed me health Rainbow That created my own fitness logo He is always my Halo! My father a banker, taught me not to Borrow, My mother with 9 siblings, taught me not to be Solo. My sister taught me happy […]

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Vivek and his 5km PB (HYd)

Superanjitham vivek ,on your 5k👏👏👏👏 Happy to see your timing overtake💪 Now for a happy body shake🤩🤩 Hope no boby ache?? 😆 Fill yourself with an awesome cake 🎊🎊 Remember to take a rest recovery break💯 For health sake… 👍🙏 If you don’t.. It is a mistake. 😊 Now enjoy Yr happy state🎊🎊 Come back […]

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My Amma…. AMAZING!!!!!

Ode to my “Amma Papli “❤️❤️ Please read, may be lovely 💐💐 She had dreams to become a Doctor She became a housewife and our Mother She fought to become the “only” 10 std Scholar, Among her four Sisters. She challenged herself, my 10std pass, with my Father Very proud to be her Daughter Every […]

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I can never forget the day, today, pacing with my soulmate…. My expression in poem… Please read… COUPLE PACER – UNIS2019-3rd Edition. 2.30HM- HM41 First introduced as “Couple Ambassidors” We became more Familiar. It’s all about cause and health fitter, And Become more strength inner Our maiden as “couple pacer” Added some special flavour. First […]

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My Running Brief case

“My running briefcase” Smile on your face Train not to race Learn to tie your lace. No timing to face Always at your pace Run not to chase Create a good run base. Fun to run at any place Medal get you to look Ace. Your friends wishes you in best phrase . That you […]

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Can I get the three??

Childhood memories are REALLY a ever lasting, very fresh and lively…. We can express or share it to others by mouth .. see it with closed eyes…. Can’t touch it with hands… they can’t become REAL for ever… But Yes… they are “THE REAL memories ” till our last breath. A letter to my Appa […]

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